Who are we

The Firm was born in 1940 in Lleida under the direction of Dr. in Law MIQUEL MONTANYA CARRERA, specialized in Civil and Commercial Law.

Over the years, the firm has been expanding its membership, as well as the different branches of law.

Under a vision of modern and efficient justice, based on the search for solutions, BUFET MONTANYA offers its clients an integral service with connotations of preventive law to avoid the application - sometimes inescapable - of litigating law.

The knowledge not only of the legal reality, but also of the social and business reality, together with a direct and personalized treatment, of trust and continuity in the relationship, make this a valid instrument for individuals, companies and associations.

The professionals of BUFET MONTANYA are divided by specialized departments dealing with those subjects of their legal area; In this way, an ideal level of specialization is achieved for all types of clients and clients.

In addition, it has a network of external professionals: notaries, architects, judicial experts from all fields, etc ... meeting any need arising from a case raised by any client.

The Firm offers its experience and knowledge in the various sectors, legal and economic.